City Roots Story

Brooklyn Real EstateIt all started in Brooklyn, where City Roots founder Steven Plac was born. The borough where both sets of his immigrant grandparents put down roots when they left their respective home countries. Though he also lived as a child in upstate New York and Florida, Steven returned to New York City in 1999 ending up in Brooklyn, shortly after college, where he studied philosophy and computer science. Though his initial career path focused in the technology sector, his lifelong interest in architecture and history was stirred by living in his birth city. He was fascinated by the growth and transformation of the borough’s many neighborhoods. It was natural that his next career stepping stone would be real estate. 

After ten years in the real estate industry, including time spent with two of the largest firms, Steven had built up a loyal clientele. While he appreciated his years at the big agencies where he gained experience and wisdom, he also took note of what did and did not work at the large firms. He felt held back by the strict business model and his innate entrepreneurial spirit had been itching for a more independent path. 

His aha! moment came when a repeat customer told him that they just wouldn’t work with any other agent. That day is when he truly realized that his clients weren’t selecting him based on his current firms reputation – but his own. Trust is of the highest importance when dealing in real estate, whether buying, selling or renting, and the face of a company shouldn’t merely be a recognizable logo, but the agents behind it. As the saying goes, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes clients’ individual needs are lost or overlooked by the large firms because of their business models restrictions. City Roots has the flexibility and know-how to offer individualized service and support for each and every client. There aren’t any cookie cutter sales techniques or going through the motions marketing plans. City Roots has the freedom to be creative and innovative, offering intimate attention coupled with the highest quality branding and marketing available. When you choose City Roots you get the attention and experience you deserve!